RL Foster
Colorado Art Appraiser

Do you need an appraisal?

    There are four major reasons that people seek an art appraisal. The most common reason is to investigate whether they have sufficient and proper insurance coverage for their collection. Secondly, estate and divorce settlements will usually require an appraisal. Thirdly, owners are considering a possible sale of their art, and wish to know its value. Fourthly, they are considering a charitable donation of their art, and the IRS may require an appraisal. Then there are those who are simply curious about the value of a piece or pieces of art. The reason for the appraisal should determine the type of appraisal and the choice of the appraiser. See types of appraisals
    For insurance purposes, a replacement value appraisal is usually provided, for the other purposes, a fair market value appraisal is usually required. An appraisal that doesn’t specify its type is certainly questionable!