RL Foster
Colorado Art Appraiser

The appraisal process

Visual Inspection of the work

The appraisal process begins with a visual inspection of the artwork. This can be done at the client's home or the client can bring the artwork to one of the associated galleries of RL Foster appraisals. For clients who have large collections, this inspection is usually done in the home. RL Foster Arts does not charge the client for travel time, but just for the time required to inspect and photograph the work. The physical characteristics of the artwork are recorded.

Photograph the work

Each piece is photographed digitally. The photograph is included on each appraisal page. RL Foster maintains the photographs in archive, and for a modest fee a picture cd can be prepared for the client. A separate photograph is sometimes made of the signature if the artist is unknown. Although these photographs are not of studio quality, they are edited for maximum possible quality given the conditions with which they were photographed.

Research the appraised work

RL Foster maintains its own artist database, and subscribes to several national and international internet databases. The research includes auction records, gallery inquiries and sales, dealer records and even discussions with the artist.

Appraisal preparation

Each piece of art is prepared with its own appraisal sheet with a printed photograph of the art on the sheet.

Client follow-up

The appraisal is either mailed or personally delivered to the client. Large appraisals