Rob Foster AppraiserRob Foster is the principal appraiser of RL Foster Appraisals and has provided art appraisals in the Colorado area for over 25 years. Beginning in 1995 as a gallery appraiser for the prestigious Merrill-Johnson gallery, he eventually started his own gallery, RL Foster Arts, and expanded his appraisal service. As a gallery owner and appraiser, he has examined thousands of works of art and performed over a 1000 appraisals for Colorado collectors.

Because of his Colorado gallery experience, his specialty is contemporary Colorado artists, He is also experienced with historical western painters such as Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran, Thomas Cole Frederic Remington as well as significant Colorado artists such as Charles Partridge Adams, Paul K. Smith, Frank Vavra, and Alfred Wands.

Besides offering appraisal services, they can offer consulting services for those intending to dispose of work for estate purposes, charitable donation or simply to sell their art.


Fees are based on a reasonable hourly rate.



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Albert Bierstadt

Albert Bierstadt

Charles Partridge Adams

Thomas Moran

Leroy Neiman

Pino Daeni

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali

Howard Terpning

Howard Terpning

William Acheff
Charles P. Adams
John Axton
Michael Atkinson
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Deborah Bays
Albert Bierstadt
Gordon Brown
Kenneth Bunn
Alexander Calder
Russell Chatham
Marc Chagall
Michael Cheval
James Christianson
Salvador Dali
Robert Daughters
Molly Davis
John DeMott
Bev Dolittle
Nadine Drummond
Kim English
Peggy McGivern
Walt Gonske
RC Gorman
Ron Hicks
Quang Ho
William Hook
Frank Howell
Ramon Kelley
Vance Kirkland
William Matthews
Michelle Torrez
Henri Matisse
Peter Max
Thomas Moran
Leroy Neiman
Charles Pabst
Pablo Picasso
Amado Pena
Pino Daeni
Mary Cane Robinson
Burton Silverman
Paul K. Smith
Jill Soukup
Elisabeth Spalding
Daniel Sprick
Tzchak Tarkay
Howard Terpning
John E. Thompson
Alfred Wands
Andy Warhol
Charles Wysocki
 Harvey Young
Plus 100's of others